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The Final Cut! Disco Elysium and AMAZING Narration

Roleplaying and Living the Super Star Hobo Cop Dream.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut.
With the final release now on video game consoles; Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Disco Elysium presents its iconic storytelling now including full narration and voice acting for every character.

Lenval Brown has become known for his iconic switch narrator style as he voices each skill and facet of Harry’s fractured mind. Each voice is acted so full of emotion that you’ll be guaranteed to shiver in the darkness of Martinaise.

Lenval Brown’s narration throughout Disco Elysium; The Final Cut is the driving force for Harry and his adventure to reclaim his lost memories of not only the murder case... but also of his past.

On this week’s episode of Grief Burrito, Hazz & Jordan wanted to know how to develop complex characterization, live-action adaptions, narrating your own life and who we choose in Tekken. Oh and also Maroon Town, Lenval Brown’s Ska band!

The video game itself is a fascinating style of RPG where you adventure through the small town of Martinaise to not only deduce who killed "The Hanged Man", a body found behind the local bar, but also to put Harry's mind back together and learn who he really is. The game's script is a wonderful blend of seriously funny moments, dark drama, and hard-hitting emotions. One to definitely add to your gaming list if you're looking for a story to lose yourself in.

Oh, and you've got to hear Lenval's amazing narration! It took the game's experience and increased one hundredfold.

Want to check out our full audio episode? Or how about our full video podcast?


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