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The experts guide to killer robots

Generation Zero is an open-world action game where you alone, or together with up to three friends, play in seamless co-op and wage a guerrilla war against invading machines.

Robots. Many games and movies over the years have made them out to be dangerous, cold, and led by an evil AI with nothing more than hatred for mankind. Well, in Generation Zero that's exactly what they are. So well done with the predictions. This week on Grief Burrito Gaming I ventured across the Swedish countryside while defending myself from ferocious dog bots, head bouncing ticks, and goliath-sized mechs with machine guns for hands! All in a decidedly grimy first-person shooter experience.

The game drops you into an open-world experience with little explanation and sets you free to explore the landscape and countless bunkers that lie below. As you experience the robot-filled world of Generation Zero through the eyes of a young student you begin to unfold the reason behind the lack of survivors and just where these death-dealing androids have come from.

Scavenging weapons and completed side quests to find extra weapon attachments is the only real way to make your way safely across Sweden. You can try riding the bike you find... but you're aren't going to make it far without something to shoot with. The weapons are satisfying to use, they don't feel overpowered which is actually a good thing! It makes the robots you come up against in Generation Zero an actual threat. And, as you'll see in our video they're actually pretty scary when you're caught off guard or alone. Some will definitely require something a little bigger than a pistol to take down...

Scavenging across the landscape will lead you to find some interesting locations from crashed fighter jets to old castles sitting atop hills! In each location and on the roads between you'll also find the remains of people who didn't quite get away in time from the robo-onslaught meaning that you can loot yourself silly! Strangely I just seemed to keep finding women's outfits but I didn't let that stop me, I skirted up, stuck on some false nails (yes really), and continued to smash robots to scrap!

While playing Generation Zero we were actually surprised at how many items we were finding. It was great to be able to customize your character quite so much early on and where at first we thought we were finding a lot of resources once the enemies started leveling up we were burning through ammunition and health packs very quickly.

Once you start getting low on ammunition it's time to start planning some traps. Making use of gas tanks, car battery EMPs and other explosive objects will prove very useful when fighting off the hordes that will be drawn to your location due to noise. Noise actually plays quite an interesting factor in Generation Zero as the robots in the Swedish wilderness detect sounds from quite a way! One of the best items we came across were fireworks and boomboxes both of which can be used to draw enemies to locations, lure them into traps or be used to make a quick getaway.

The game itself is actually really nicely styled. The countryside setting for its visuals displays some beautiful lighting and really helps sell the bleak yet beautiful world you inhabit. Moments are legitimately gorgeous to look at! But don't rest for too long as those wandering bots will find you...

Overall I recommend giving it a try! Definitely if you have Xbox GamePass as it's included in the service. We've had a few nights on stream on our Twitch Channel fighting against the robo-hordes and have enjoyed every tense moment! We'd love to hear what you think and don't forget to head over to Grief Burrito Gamer on YouTube to check out our videos on Generation Zero.

Hazz 21/01/22

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