Our Return 2022

Updated: Jan 7

Where has Grief Burrito gotten to? Why isn't there a podcast episode sitting in your downloads?

Some of you astute Burrito Beans may have noticed that we haven't put an episode out through January... Why is that? Has Hazz had enough? Jipped Jordan just too much?


Don't you worry your little socks we'll be back in February after a little break and a whole load of planning. The past few weeks we've been cooking up some amazing new content plans for you all for when we come home to the burrito mansion and we can't wait to share more.

Until everything is nailed down I don't want to share too much... however...

I can say that our show will be back with a trio of episodes each month. Down from the usual four, I know... but this is just so we can hone our content to have more quality and to make sure we actually have lives to talk about during the show. Plus we really want to put more Patreon content out for the people who support our show each month, and for that we love you!

Spooky Burrito will also return in a fashion. And this is where I'm being a little (very) nebulous as I've been wanting to do something that will drive to be a little harder-hitting this year with our spooky content! For a while, I've been looking at our Spooky Burritos and knowing that they are the driver for a lot of our downloads. This seems crazy because obviously we're predominantly a gaming podcast, but they continue to entertain us and the listeners. We laugh the most when we're talking spooky strangeness.

As you know a few years back we did a live ghost hunt which was hilarious fun and have been wanting to do more. But with all the restrictions it's been a little difficult to get access to places!

We'll be revealing a little more as the weeks go on. But for now... let's just say things are going to get a little weird.

Stay awesome everyone


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