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I let a viewer join my game! Generation Zero

Imagine taking the gamble... and letting a random viewer join your stream. Only to find they're an absolute gaming god.

This week's video is taken from one of my Generation Zero Twitch Streams where while playing with a listener (the wonder Mnisoah) we received a message from a viewer... To join us and help us kill a boss.

At first, I was a little concerned. But this man was a Harvester killing, sax playing, trilby wearing legend!

He joined Mnisoah and me reasonably late into the episode but after gifting me an extended magazine, something I'd actually said I'd needed on stream, he took us on a merry adventure of jolly cooperation to kill A Harvestor.

A Harvester is one of the largest enemies in Generation Zero and definitely would've been a challenge from Mnisoah and I if our lovely viewer hadn't joined us!

If you'd like to see how our adventure went click here for the full episode!

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