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Super Indie Karts Torrent Download ((LINK))

"I know that not everyone can afford entertainment. But everyone needs it," the message reads in part. "And even though I make games for a living. I am most happy just to see people enjoy them. So today, you can download a torrent of my game. And if you like it, throw some coins in my general direction."

Super Indie Karts Torrent Download

The front page of currently features a large link to The Pirate Bay torrent download, which features a full version of the game for Mac, PC, and Linux (versions for iOS, Android and Blackberry are also available for sale). You have to scroll down well below that to find a PayPal donation link for the game.

As of this writing late Friday afternoon (less than a day after the promotion started), Sosowski says he's has sold over 300 copies of the game at an average of $1.43 each. That might seem like a slow start for the donation effort, especially considering that the BitTorrent download recently hit over 3,000 simultaneous seeders. It also seems a bit small compared to other pay-what-you-want download efforts like The Humble Indie Bundle, which quickly made millions while taking donations of as little as a penny for a package of five well known indie games (though even that effort ran in to its own piracy problems).

It's also big news for those of you looking for a way to sell and promote your indie games. Granted, you've already got the iPhone, Android and Xbox marketplaces, but hey, more options never hurt anybody. As for how the service actually works, and if it's really as big a deal as Google makes it out to be,head over there (opens in new tab)to see for yourself. I've been clicking around for a while and so far have run into several apps not working or downloading properly, but uh, it's only been up for one day, right? 350c69d7ab


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